SK Voice Over


An experienced professional voice over artist with stellar improvisational abilities, Sagie Kleinlerer has cultivated his unique talents to leverage a successful voice over career. Sagie's voice over clients have come to expect creativity, precision and an impeccably high quality delivery each and every time they hire him to fulfill their voice talent needs. Sagie uses his versatile, well-rounded style to voice everything from sophisticated medical narrations to radio and TV commercials.

Sagie has a natural warm, deep bass voice with an indeterminate American accent. His voice is strong and versatile, and he can perform a wide range of tones, accents, and inflections from young adult to old man. His wide vocal range can meet your needs and specifications, whether you require a voice that is smooth, professional, pleasant, inviting, funny, animated, commanding or authoritative.

Sagie has worked with various companies, including PBS, Channel 2 News Israel, Telebroad, Shiboleth LLP, Augusta Pediatric Dentistry, Right Away Transportation, Step By Step, UTA of Borough Park, Coast To Coast Carriers, Healthwise, GoCap Group, OakTree Developers, FoodEx Supermarkets, Green Fresh Greetings,,, and more.

Whatever you are producing—a commercial, product demo, documentary, corporate video, podcast, animated character or even your company's automated telephone answering service—Sagie has the experience and resourcefulness to bring your script to life.

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